Who are Frank & Nance

Frank & Nance are a husband and wife team from CT. They live on the Pomperaug River and love to sit outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. They are a blended family of five children and six grandchildren. Frank has three grown daughters and Nance has two grown sons. They have always tried to provide healthy meals and no sugar snacks and drinks for their family. They raised their children to read labels and be aware of all ingredients. Especially when food and skin allergies were prevalent. 

Frank is a retired stone mason and carpenter from his family business Frank Capponi & Son. He is the backbone of Frank & Nance Natural Beauty. He is always thinking of better ways to transport products, building shelves and storage units, and making drying racks for soaps and herbs. The list goes on. Frank is a positive high energy force!

Nance is a retired school teacher.  She has a Family Studies major with a Family Consumer Science (Home Economics) minor degree from the University of St Joseph (formally Saint Joseph College). Nance has always been interested in organic gardening, cooking, sewing and Homeopathic medicine. She is the inventor  and creator of products.

It all started when Frank was spraying his underarms with a toxic deodorant. Nance couldn't breath and told him to go into another room to use it. She kept complaining. It wasn't good for the environment so how could it be good for his body?  Frank told her to stop complaining and make something that would do the job, not harm his body, and be good for the environment. So, after a lot of research in organic ingredients, herbs and pure essential oils, the first Deodorant was born. It was the Lemongrass & Beebalm deodorant stick (Frank loves Lemongrass).