Spa Quality Rose Water

We use fresh high quality ingredients to make all of our bath and body products. While I am currently trying new, improved, products, I recently grabbed an old favorite. Rose water.

Our Rose water is refreshing and cooling on your skin, especially on really hot days. This week has been so hot and sticky. I find myself in the shower more than once a day, just to cool off. But, showering too frequently can really dry out your skin, so I spray my body with our Rose water. I always keep a bottle in the refrigerator. Ahhh. (I must admit that I also have a bottle in my purse, one in the bathroom cabinet, and one on my night stand)

Why Rose water? Rose water can be used for all skin types. It helps maintain the skin's ph balance and controls any excess oil. It has amazing anti-bacterial properties that can soothe and heal red, irritated skin. It helps to reduce the puffiness under eyes. Or the itchiness from bug bites or poison ivy. It is widely used to help heal acne, dermatitis and eczema. Also fade wrinkles and fine lines and prevents major signs of aging. 

Rose water is also a great cleanser, removing oil and dirt from clogged pores. Due to it's astringent like properties, rose water helps clean pores and tone skin. Applying rose water after steaming tightens capillaries  and reduces redness. It also helps hydrate, moisture, and revitalize the skin giving it that glow. When sprayed over makeup, it helps to set the products and leave your face radiant.

Rose water also works as a natural conditioner and revitalizes hair growth. It is known to treat mild scalp inflammations and get rid of dandruff. Also, it is amazing when sprayed on hair to relieve frizzy and dry, fly away hair. 

Rose petals are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Carotene. Wow! Now you know why we make rose water. We incorporate it in many of our recipes, including our hand and body creams.