Frank & Nance Liquid Laundry Soap

In the past year we have been experimenting with different ways to make organic laundry detergent. The very first one was a powdered version using our pure olive oil bar soap. It worked very well, almost too well. It really got the stains out , but it wasn't soapy at all and it was a lot of work, shredding all that soap. I really wanted a liquid version. The liquid versions kept separating and were pasty. So, through trial and error and about 20 gallons later, I think we finally got it right.  We have come up with a great organic liquid laundry cleaner. It is also great for household cleaning, too. 

My son stumbled upon this amazing cleaner when he spilled carrot juice on the counter top and it left a stain. He quickly grabbed some of the liquid soap that I had on the counter, sequestering. Amazingly, it cleaned the stain with no scrubbing. It also cleaned the sinks, stove, and some dishes. It was originally supposed to be our own version of Castile soap.  So, after that, a light bulb went off and we modified the recipe. This version was full proof. It didn't separate, it was bubbly, and it cleaned amazingly. Please take note that it is not a good hand and body cleanser because of the skin drying properties. Like I said, we modified the recipe. It is fragrance free, we will add essential oils upon request. Most people just add essential oils to their dryer balls for a fresh scent.

We currently Do Not Sell Our Liquid Laundry Detergent! We are not able to keep up with the orders. Thank you for your patronage!