Body powder vs. original Talcum powder

 Body powder has been around for over 200 years. It was first made in the 1894 by Johnson & Johnson called Talcum Body Powder made from Talc. Talc is a mineral from the asbestos family that was mined and ground. Although, it is not harmful on its own, the mineral naturally occurs near asbestos. It absorbs moisture, odor, and provides lubrication. Most of the talc that was used was contaminated with asbestos and other harmful fillers (thickeners, fragrance, rumors of ground glass). In the 1970's talc was linked to ovarian cancer in women, but it is still used for setting makeup, removing makeup and grease stains, and easing facial waxing pain. Baby powder is still commonly used to reduce chaffing and keep skin dry, rash free. 

With that said, Frank & Nance make their own body powder using alternative ingredients. We researched many ingredients and discovered that less is best. Many ingredients that are in Baby powder are inert ingredients, meaning that they don't really need too be in the recipe. Inert ingredients help the product become more smooth, easily absorbed into the skin, more spreadable, etc...Mostly inert ingredients can be harmful chemicals. Our inert ingredients consist of ground flower petals and pure essential oils. 

We want all of the benefits that Talc provides, but would never take the chance on the quality of other manufacturing processes. Nance